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The Creep in The Wire

23 November 2005

Reviewed by Edwin Pouncey (I think).

SLOMO update

22 November 2005

I'm pleased to announce that SLOMO's "THE CREEP" album will be getting a release on Important Records around March 2006. Furthermore, a culty UK label has expressed an interest in putting out a vinyl edition some time in the late spring. We're hard at work preparing these editions right now, as well as working on the follow-up.

Dusted Magazine is now carrying a great review of "THE CREEP", check it out here ... thanks again to Stewart Voegtlin.

Collecting Earthquakes - Dusted Review

01 November 2005

Awesome review of COLLECTING EARTHQUAKES here by Stewart Voegtlin. Thanks!

Slomo's THE CREEP has now sold out ... we're in talks with couple of labels about giving it a full (non-CDR) release. News on that as and when.